ASTUTE are Microsoft partners and Exchange, Office 365, VMware, Cisco and Veeam specialists.


The world’s businesses run using the Microsoft product range, Server, Exchange, SharePoint, SQL databases, Office, Office 365 and Web services.


Server platforms, we prefer to work with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), due to the quality of build, attention to detail and the completeness of the service and support services they have established.  When we install a solution, we know that we will be able to receive a continuous monitoring chatter from the HPE systems and will see a constant stream of key systems information. We can then proactively monitor and maintain the systems we support.  Potential hardware failure is normally predicted by the systems monitoring software and we can pre-empt important actions to keep the business running around issues arising.  Most importantly, we work directly with HPE Engineering teams and coordinate their onsite visit to replace components when needed.


Our preference is best in class solutions for all layers of the solution, such as Veeam and Altaro for backup solutions and Symantec Whole Disk Encryption software.  We are able to design, supply and support in-vehicle solutions from Panasonic ToughBook mobile computing, such as the systems you will find in Emergency vehicles, Ambulance, Fire and Police vehicles.  These same solutions are also used in Doctors vehicles in the GP Out of Hours services.


We are also Citrix specialists. Citrix is widely adopted in IT solutions provisioned for high performance, Enterprise class, ‘thin client’ working environments.  This is an industry standard method of connecting large numbers of users, with different levels of hardware, in outlying remote bases, with vital security & management controls, into a central patient database system and resources.  Access to the SQL Database platform and the underpinning delivery of the Advanced Health & Care Adastra Patient Information Management system, for Out of Hours Services in the UK, relies on Citrix.


We are NHS IG certified network Infrastructure specialists, working with solutions from Cisco, HP, Juniper etc from Firewalls to Fibre optic linked network data switches, secure mobile Virtual Private Networks (VPN) with remote homeworkers, SSL VPN’s and WiFi networks.


And we are Infrastructure specialists, from security of building from a design and fabric perspective all the way up, materials, floor loadings, thermal characteristics, power distribution/controls and conditioning (including UPS), back up Generator services, monitoring, split point of presence connectivity, multiple providers, SIP and ISDN bearers for trunks, Cabling systems, Telephony integration and Voice recording. ASTUTE can specify, budget, project manage and coordinate the relevant parties and teams needed to piece together the architecture of your platform.

IT Systems and Solutions

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