IT Consultancy may be a pivotal step to achieving your key business objectives, as they filter down to achievable steps and goal setting. At ASTUTE we believe that our vast collective experience and extensive IT and market knowledge, will help you fulfill your overall strategic plan and ensure investment in the right technology makes sense to staff and board members alike.

Our consulting experts will be able to offer you a unique, honest and cost effective approach.  We feel that when IT consultancy approaches fail to meet customer’s expectations, it is simply because they fail to listen and really understand their customer.

Our approach is broken down into key areas:




Extract critical information about how your business works.

What issues are currently being experienced that technology or changes can improve upon.

What technology issues are impacting on core business operations?

Highlight latent causes of under-performance.




Produce a written report from the Analysis.

Recommend development stages to address issues.

Make recommendations on how to move the IT strategy forward in a safe and constructive manner.

Advise on new and emerging technologies and how they could benefit your business.

Offer a number of different proposals in line with cost, technology and the overall strategy. 




Skilled Engineers can implement any of our proposed solutions. It doesn’t have to be ASTUTE who build your final solution.  You may wish us simply to sanity check in house or other external proposals.


All ASTUTE implementations are fully tested before final customer approval and often in parallel with an existing solution for resilience and ability to back out and rework if required.  This maintains the highest level of stability of the offering and ultimately our goal of customer satisfaction.

Our skilled consultants are able to work alongside and in support of your internal and external IT teams.

We can also provide advice and support to internal IT teams, to implement agreed results and proposals from consultative work. 




We are able to offer a number of different and flexible support arrangements to ensure continuity of your new implementation. We are happy to consider incumbent solutions, to takeover support.

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